• Entry Forms & Fees Due:   Saturday, April 8th by 5:00pm

  • Stall Fees: $8.00 per Heead,  $15 per head for replacement heifers

  • Show Limit: 2 Animals per Class

  • Entries Arrival & Judged: See Livestock Schedule

  • Entries Released: Breeding Animals & Tack - Sunday, May 21st @ 4 p.m.

Must have signed Livestock Release Slip


  • Refer to State and Local Rules, which apply to these divisions.

  • Must be under owners care and management for 60 days. Proof of Ownership, Bill of Sale required

  • American System of Judging

  • All breeds judged together

  • 4-H/FFA/Grange judged together

  • All age descriptions are based on show day

  • All Cattle must have yellow haul slips available during weigh in for the brand inspector. (Even if yellow slip was used as proof of ownership at time of entry)

  • Must submit original registration papers with entry forms. (please do not mail, fair office will make a copy)


Dept. 310 DIVISION 606- Replacement Heifer



     1. Commercial Bred Heifer, must be 18 months to 28 months in age.

     2. Purebred/Registered Heifer, must be 18 months to 28 months in age.           



  • Open to Members of 4-H, Grange Clubs, FFA Chapters & Independent Exhibitors of Calaveras County.


  • Heifers are eligible for showing in showmanship and club or chapter groups, but not eligible for breed or market division.


  • Entry Limit is 1 per exhibitor.


  • The exhibitor must have had ownership of the heifer by December 14, 2016. A bill of sale and brand inspection certificate is required at the scale as proof of ownership.


  • If a breeding or health problem occurs, a substitute heifer may be allowed if it is owned by the member before March 15, 2017 and approved by the fair. (Bill of Sale as proof)


  • Classes will be broken initially by weight and then by color by accordance with instructions to the local rules or lots by the judge.


  • All local and state rules apply. 


  • Forms must be completed by each exhibitor intending to show a replacement heifer at the Calaveras County Fair; forms, bill of sale and registration papers if applicable are due no later than the date listed above.


  • Exhibitors must fill out all paperwork completely and legibly, and obtain all signatures, or paperwork will be rejected.


  • All heifers must be naturally polled or dehorned. 


  • All heifers will be weighed in following market beef. Minimum weight is 900 lbs. 


  • All heifers must have proof of calf-hood brucellosis vaccination with presence of an official tattoo visible in the right ear.


  • All heifers will be pregnancy tested on Wednesday of Fair, time and location to be announced at the mandatory meeting.


  • All heifers must be bred to calve between August 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.


  • All heifers must be a minimum of 60 days bred on May 17, 2017.


  • If a heifer is declared registered, papers must be submitted to the fair office at time of entry. 


  • Heifers are not required to sell with the exception of Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion, which must sell.


  • Heifer sale will take place immediately following show.


  • Replacement heifers will be allowed to leave immediately following completion of the sale with signed release.


Calaveras County Fair

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Angels Camp CA


Phone: 209-736-2561

Fax: 209-736-2476

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